One morning --Short Story

M/m/f, preteen, incest, group sex, pissing, and all.
This story is an only fiction.


Her name is Karen. She is 12 years old. Her face is pretty, and looks like baby. And she has small but nice tits and some few hairs at her little cunt.
It is a Sunday morning. She has waked up. When she awakens, she feels something is in between her legs. She touches it so gently. She knows it is George's cock head. George is her brother, 17 years old. They slept in the same bed last night, and every night too. He has waked yet, and now he stings his one into between his sister's legs from her back.
"Good morning" Karen said with smile, and touch him more seriousness.
"Good morning, sweet Karen" George said too, and he moves up his hips onto her. Then his cock is in and out between Karen's legs, and scratches her little lips. She moans. And she starts to touch her left tit by herself. Now, She lays on Her older Brother's body, Her right hand wrapped around her brother's cock head, and left hand is fingering her breast. George shakes his hips and little sister's hips more quickly, and shouted. "Let me be into yours!"
Karen pushes her brother's cock, then it comes into her cunt smoothly, that is wet and hot. She feels it comes to full. As it soon, he cums into his sister's small womb.


A few later, George goes to bathroom for pissing. Then he saw his sister is showering with no certain. He has never mind for the sight. He picked up his cock to toilet to piss.
"George" Karen said, "Look at me. And show me yours well"
He is annoyed at her words. But as soon as, he picks up his one to bathtub. Naked 12 girl is in here, and she is waiting for her brother's piss. His cock was coming to hard soon by the sight. He pisses to Karen where she opens her legs and spreads herself. Then she gets George's golden water to her slit.
"I feel so good..." She said. Her mouth was opened, and she has sat down here. Then George's piss flows down from her face to tits, belly and little slit. And some piss is into her mouth. She drinks it and says, "Good taste, My lover. Thank you". She licks some piss around his cock. She stopped a little, and she will go out from bathroom.
"Is play over?" He asked. "Do not you want to piss?"
She has pleased by him. She stands up on bathtub and opens her legs a little. When her brother faces here, she cums piss to him in standing.


They eat breakfast at living room. Raisin Bread, Bananas, and Milk. Karen likes great bananas, and thick milk. She said so to brother. George laughed well. He set on two round breads on her breast, and play to drink milk from here. She laughed too.
At the time, a man comes into living room.
"Good morning, Dad" Two say.
"Good morning, Babies" Their father said and kissed his children.
"Have you any bread or bananas?" Karen asked. He looks Karen and George, and says. "I want to eat some bread this morning". To hear that, George shrugs his shoulders.
Karen has put her little tits to her father's face. He starts licking this tiny bread, and sucking two raisins soon. Well, Karen and George have been full naked since they are in bed. Of course, their father is too. Now, Karen is fingering her father's chest, there is much chest hair, it is to his abdomen. She touches father's chest by her smooth belly, and feels chest hair fullnessly. She wants to feel more.
"Dad, Have you fullness? May I eat something, too?"
"Of course, you may"
Karen sat on floor so quickly, and held father's long and thick cock. Its size seems like more of Karen's arm. And it had come to hard by licking his daughter's tits. She starts sucking, it seems so deliciously. Her tongue runs over surface of father's cock smoothly, and her lips hold father's one between them as softly. Then the thick cock comes into her mouth deeply. She comes mouthful, but she starts to move it in and out.


George has looked them, and he had sigh. "Does our daddy's cock taste good, Karen?" She can not say anything because her mouth was filled, then she answered with her eyes.
"So, You had good luck. Ah" He shrugs once more. "Does someone eat my banana? -- Where is Mom?" He notices barely.
"She went to next door Marie at this early morning" Father said.
"Did Mom go to Marie's house? Hmm. Then she may not come back to afternoon or later..."
Just the time, they hear groaning woman's voice from next door. George and Father looked each other, and laughed.
"She is just enjoying with Marie now" George said, "I saw their play at once. Marie has many huge dildos. Their sizes are like my arms or feet. She inserted two or three of them into her cunt, and ass hole too. I looked it with wonder. So she kissed and sucked my Mom's large tits tenderness. And she licked Mom's cunt and ass carefully as long time. After the time she inserted those toys into Mom's holes one after another. Mom groaned and cried once and again, but she looks enjoying that play. Marie is too. They became to forget everything on that time, for instance, I was there and We promised to play with three."
With that remembering and saying, George is starting fingering his cock.
"My son" Father said, "You must not do yourself. It's a sin"
"Yes, Dad. I'm sorry" He stopped soon.
"If you want masturbating, tell your family about that... So, At that time, How long they played?"
"They had to be continued to play about a half day... must more"


"Okay, You can not wait that long time. Come here, and put your cock nearly" Father who fucked his daughter's mouth calls his son, and said. "Karen?"
She has pleasure by father's new request. She holds two cocks with every hand. Father's one in right hand is so huge. Brother's one in left hand is less than it, but enough. She licks her lips a little, and puts out her tongue as longer as she can, So she starts to lick their cocks one by one.
"Ohhhhh" George had great pleasure by his sister's licking. "How nice feeling, my sweet"
"Oh, more lick, my babe" Father said.
"No, Dad" She has stopped moving her tongue just a little, and says. "I will stop licking, I will suck two lovelies"
She starts so she said. Once a time, her brother's cock is into her mouth. Next time, it came out from her and father's cock has wrapped by her lips. When one is into her throat deeply, other one is shaking by her hand quickly. Barely, Her father comes to his own limit. He cums thick sperm into his real daughter's throat. And his son had a limit, too. He cums many sperm onto his real little sister's face. Two men's many thick sperm flowed down over pretty little girl's face and throat.
When all is over, she said. "George, I had said, I love great bananas and thick milk. I had two nice sweet bananas and a much of thickest milk"


1998/12/16, Andoh Atsushi

All written by and copyright with Andoh, Atsushi /studio YOKOGULUMA. 1998.
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