Information for some people who can not read Japanese Language

Sorry,I'm very poor of English Language. Please overlook some of my mistake.

This Website has no CGs! This made by ONLY text (novels and essays), these novels are almost written by Japanese Language.

"studio YOKOGULUMA" has for our object that makes member's novels open on Internet.
You must be able to understand, It's very hard to translate those many novels to English or other Language. It changes nuance of novel.(and more, it's over my ability of English Language).
We hope to read our novels by many people on Internet of the world wide, but it's so hard by "language wall". It's regret for us,too.
If you have some question about this information, you can send E-mail to us. But I can not promise you to reply E-mail as a soon by English Language.
Thank you.

Short Stories


If you are over 18 years old at legal and spiritual, you can go to next contents.

There are Short Stories (We can't call that "novel") for ADULT. These stories were written by (very poor) English Language.
If you have a some interesting, please read them and tell us your comments.

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If you are under 18...

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